Su Jok Therapy

Su (Hand) Jok (Foot) Therapy is a brilliant discovery by a Korean scientist called Prof. Park, Jae Woo. After many years of careful observation and clinical experience he developed a new system of therapy using only the hand and feet to effect the same results as body acupuncture. Also he found a complete correspondence system representing the whole body, on the hands and the feet.

Su Jok Therapy is a synthesis of natural treatment methods based on certain philosophical principles. Some of these methods can be used by every person for self - cure by acting on one's hands and feet.

By finding the "pressure-pain"points on the hand and foot that correspond to the pain in the body, it is possible to stimulate these points of correspondence using a variety of techniques to cure the pain or health problem in question. Since the hand is Yang and the foot is Yin, using hand and foot makes it possible to treat in harmony with Yin and Yang. We have four clinics on our bodies - 2 hands and 2 feet that can help to cure over 90% of our health problems, if we understand their topography and use it accordingly. This correspondence system opens new understandings and methods to care for human health in general as well as to prevent and cure specific diseases. Knowledge of the principles of this "remote control system" and their health implementation through hand and foot therapy provides an impressive vehicle for health care.

Stimulation and Treatment

Su Jok contains many methods. There are many methods of stimulation besides mechanical pressure, including:
1. Miniature magnets designed to give both mechanical and magnetic force stimulation;
2. Moxibustion in the form of: (a) moxa sticks; (b) moxa the size of rice grains held on the hand or foot by small holders to prevent direct contact; and (c) direct thread moxa;
3. Massage rollers to stimulate the hands and feet;
4. Soft lasers;
5. Miniature hand needles;
6. Colored transparent plastic discs placed strategically on charka hand points.

Conditions for use

Some of the more common disorders frequently treated with Su Jok Acupuncture include:
headaches and epilepsy disorders of the limbs and musculature, such as:

 • Acute and Chronic Injuries
 • Acute and Chronic pain related to Motor Vehicles Accidents (i.e. Whiplash Injury)
 • Diseases of Spine and Joints (i.e. neck, low back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, arthritis of hip, knee, elbow)
 • Frozen Shoulder
 • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 • Foot pain; Plantar Fasciitis
 • Headaches; Migraines
 • Peripheric Vascular Viseases of Extremities
 • Allergies, Sinusitis
 • Constipation, Chronicle Diarrhea
 • Skin Diseases
 • Acne
 • Cystitis