Permanent Makeup

Redefine your eyebrows, outline your eyes and once again wakeup with rosy shapely lined lips!

Over the next five years you will have applied your makeup over 1,825 times not including reapplying makeup throughout the day! The application of makeup can be quite tiresome. Most women have to carefully apply makeup time after time to achieve their desired results but with permanent makeup you will have the freedom of a child, never having to apply eyeliner, eyebrows or lip stick again! Beautiful custom colors will bring back the youthful tones in your face. This web site should answer all of your permanent makeup questions! But if you should still have a question that needs answering please contact us for an immediate answer.

Permanent Makeup - the most incredibly beautifying, time saving procedure for the on-the-go woman or man who want to look their best all the time.

What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup is a process in which colored cosmetic pigments are placed under the dermal layer of the skin.


Why should someone have permanent makeup? The answer is: "Why not?" Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for the busy person who has little time to apply conventional makeup, those who like to wake up with a fresh natural look, the athlete who wants to look natural and for those with oily skin whose makeup seems to disappear after a short time. It is also ideal for persons allergic to conventional make-up or anyone with limited hand movement, poor eyesight, or contact lenses. Further, permanent makeup can save hundreds of dollars a year on cosmetic products!

How can I be assured I will like the end results of my permanent makeup?
Our technicians are extensively trained and highly experienced in this procedure. From the minute you arrive at our spa they will work with you and help you choose the colors, shapes and locations where the permanent makeup will be applied. Prior to the application, a semi-permanent lip, eye or brow liner will be used to outline the areas the permanent makeup will be applied to. This can be done by either the technician or yourself. Once semi-permanent makeup is applied, the technician simply traces over it with the permanent dye. Thus, you have a chance to see how the makeup will look like prior to its permanent application. Further, you have a chance to try out various different looks prior to deciding on the final look that you will like to achieve with permanent makeup.

What permanent makeup procedures are available?
Eyebrows - your permanent makeup artist will create eyebrows for those with sparse or undefined brows. With fine brush strokes, individual hairs are "created". With the hypoallergenic permanent makeup that is used, several colors are blended to complement your and skin tone for a natural brow. Well defined eyebrows give balance to your face. Proper placement of eyebrows actually gives your face a natural lift!

Eyeliner - your permanent makeup artist will create a thick and bold liner or a soft and
subtle liner. It is up to you! By enhancing your eyes with permanent makeup they will
become larger and more striking.

Lip Liner - The aging process causes the lips to loose definition and color. With permanent makeup, your permanent makeup artist will redefine and shape the lip line. The lip is then filled in with custom mixed color, the color you probably had in your youth. This gives the benefit of lip liner and a full healthy lip color in one procedure. For a deeper shade, darker colors may be used.