JetPeel™ is a multipurpose peeling system, the first system to use only natural components for skin improvement. The patented, disposable hand piece, with its unique and precise supersonic nozzles, uses only pure oxygen and sterile liquid to allow medical professionals to provide very gentle and accurate treatment for a wide range of aesthetic goals - Facial Resurfancing, Removal Of Sun Damage & Age Spots, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Smoothing & Polishing, Scars - Keratoses, Acne, Trauma Correction and Deep Cleaning of the Skin. High velocity microdroplets of saline solution that have been accelerated and become saturated by the surrounding heightened pressure of the supersonic flow of oxygen, impinge and abrade skin surface, allowing the removal of desired skin layers, from superficial to deep. The definition of cutaneous resurfacing is to make skin smooth again, and to attain this goal there is a vast array of treatment options.
A revolutionary, patented, high-tech skin rejuvenation device with cutting-edge technology based on jet aviation principles. Sophisticated, yet simple to operate by a professional.

Unique and Effective
Allows trans-dermal delivery of nutrient supplements, meso therapy products, vitamins and minerals without needles - necessary for overall beauty and skin rejuvenation.

• Skin revitalization
• Scars
• Age and hyperpigmentation spots
• Facial deep cleansing (pores, comedones) and moisturizing* Active acne
• In enhancing the results of various IPL, Laser, Ultrasound and other treatments
• Hand and decolleteStretch marks

• Multi-function for various skin types. A wide range of applications
• Transcutaneously delivers skin improvement mediators - introduces supplements and vitamins
• Enhances the results of peeling, IPL, Laser and other treatments
• No pain
• Leaves no dead or burned tissue
• Possible to treat only desired problematic skin site
• Allows treatment beyond the hairline (scalp)
• Blood microcirculation activation